Shanghai skyline: Pearl Tower
Kuala Lumpur towers
Abu Dhabi mosque
International high school
International high school
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A job interview at an international school
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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our services for clients

what we can do for you

Explore CRS has been offering services for clients within the educational sector in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East for more than eight years.

We pride ourselves on offering services that are based on your schools’ individual needs.

Personalised service

Each individual school client works directly with a designated recruiter who will get to know your school’s needs and support you through the recruitment process. Collectively, our team of consultants has over 40 years’ experience and is made up of five nationalities.

Relevant database

As a school client, you can select to gain access to a database that includes only teachers available for this academic year in addition to (or instead of) a consultant-supported search service. You can contact candidates directly and obtain references on their profile or request them through your consultant.

Large pool of candidates

We have an internal database of more than 15,000 current and past teachers. This gives our consultants a large pool in which to search for candidates.

Yearly recruitment fairs

As a school client, you have the chance to attend our annual recruitment fairs in Shanghai and the UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi). The fairs include:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Ballroom session
  • Individual interview rooms.