Shanghai skyline: Pearl Tower
Kuala Lumpur towers
Abu Dhabi mosque
International high school
International high school
A group of teachers discussing their lessons
A job interview at an international school
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower

find the right educators for your school

We make hundreds of offers and placements on behalf of our clients.
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We find you the right educators. Our comprehensive service for schools includes a dedicated consultant who will work directly with you for all of your recruitment needs. Our experienced recruiters will provide quality, pre-screened candidates, reference gathering services, client preferred agreements as well as executive search.

In addition, your school will have the chance to connect with hundreds of potential candidates through our annual job fairs and extensive database of candidates.

Have an informal discussion with one of our consultants today and find out how we can help you.

about the fairs

Explore CRS runs high quality, international school recruitment events in Shanghai and the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) annually. We are committed to facilitating lasting relationships between you and your teachers of tomorrow.

  • Ongoing support from an individual consultant and extended exclusive access to our candidate database
  • Enjoy lunch and free mixer events with candidates, other clients and the Explore CRS team
  • Liaise with a dedicated consultant who will schedule interviews where possible
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A job offer at explore CRS’s recruitment fair in Shanghai

find high-quality candidates

Our fairs feature high-quality candidates that have been pre-vetted by the Explore CRS team. This ensures you have the best chance of finding the right candidate for your school.

recruitment made easy

Your dedicated Explore CRS consultant will be on hand during every step of the recruitment process to ensure your staff needs are met in the easiest possible way. We support busy leaders in ensuring they find the candidates that best meet their schools’ needs.