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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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fair FAQs:

you asked, we answered

What are the dates for the 2021/22
recruitment fairs?

Shanghai: Friday 7 to Saturday 9 January 2022

What do I need to bring to the fairs?

Copies of your CV. We suggest 5-10 copies.


How should I dress for the fair?

Business dress. You will be meeting and interviewing with prospective employers.


What time do I need to arrive at the fair?


Arrival time differs across the three days:

Day 1: We open sign in at 12pm. This allows you time to relax ahead of the professional development workshops - the first session begins at 1.30pm. Those who are not attending PD workshops can also sign in from 12pm to 6pm.

Day 2: Sign-in will open at 7.30am. All candidates who wish to attend the open fair session for a chance to meet and schedule an interview with attending schools must arrive before 9am and sign in. Please arrive as early as possible to avoid delays to the start of the open fair session.

Day 3: This day is for interviews and follow-up discussions with schools. Candidates should arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled appointments. You don’t need to come on Sunday if you don’t have an interview arranged.


When will I meet schools?

The open fair session is where you’ll meet all recruiting schools at our fairs. Attending schools will have booths arranged alphabetically around the room. You’ll have a few minutes to introduce yourself and schedule private interviews. The session lasts for two hours, so we suggest candidates review and select schools they want to visit before going into the ballroom. We will post school vacancies early on the morning of day two.

Teachers looking for an international education job

How do I schedule interviews?

Schools will contact some pre-registered candidates to schedule interviews before the fair, but interviews will also be scheduled during the open fair session. We suggest you introduce yourself to, and speak with, all schools you are interested in at the fair.


Will I need to obtain a visa to attend the fairs?

Abu Dhabi: Please visit the UAE government website to learn more about visa requirements for travelers.

Shanghai: If you are coming from outside of mainland China, you will need to apply for a tourist visa (L-Visa). Depending on your country of origin, you will need to research the best way to apply for a tourist visa to China as it will vary from country to country. Explore CRS will provide an invitation letter if this is a required document for your country. More information on obtaining a travel visa to China.


Will schools make job offers at the fair?

Yes! Schools will be able to make offers on the last day of the event after 12pm (noon). Some schools will wait to make offers after the fair has concluded, once they’ve had a chance to review all the candidates they’ve interviewed.


How long do I have to respond to a school’s offer?

This will vary by school but all schools will give a minimum of 24 hours for candidates to respond.


If I have not secured a position from the fair what are my options?

Upon your approval, your profile will continue to be accessible to all Explore CRS client schools, including those who did not attend the fairs. Schools will be able to contact you directly about any new vacancies that come up. Additionally, we will continue to post new jobs throughout the academic year which you may apply for.


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Shanghai, China

Abu Dhabi, UAE mosque
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Where are the fairs located?

Shanghai: 5-star hotel in central Shanghai to be confirmed

Can my family come to the fairs?

Candidates are very welcome to bring family for the weekend. However, there will be no nursery or child care services provided and Explore CRS takes no responsibility for your family or children if they attend. During the day’s scheduled events (workshops, the open fair sessions, interviews) it is not feasible for family members to accompany attendees.


Can I bring my partner to the fair?

If you are teaching couple we suggest you join the fair together although if this is not possible it’s a good idea if the person attending partner brings copies of the partner’s CV. Even if your partner is not a teacher they are welcome to come along with you - this can be a good idea if you need to discuss relocating for a job. We ask, however, that partners who are not candidates do not enter the open fair session or join any scheduled interview sessions.


Where shall I stay when attending the fairs?

Explore CRS will secure discounted rates at hotels convenient for the fairs. We will contact candidates with details of these preferential rates so that they can take advantage of the lower rates and book early. You must book via the link Explore CRS provides in order to take advantage of the discount. We will also provide a list of nearby alternative accommodations.


Will there be lunch provided at the fair?

There will beverage-based refreshments but lunch will not be provided. Our fairs always take place in convenient locations with plenty of food outlets nearby.


How do I sign up for professional development workshops at the Shanghai fair?

Further information about professional development workshops will be released ahead of the fair – if you’re interested in knowing more, contact your Explore CRS consultant.


Will I receive a certificate for attending the PD workshops?

Yes. Explore CRS will provide all candidates with certificates of attendance. If candidates need to apply to their school for a day’s absence for attending the professional development sessions, Explore CRS can issue formal invitations and confirmation as required. Any sessions offered on days two or three are provided as ‘add on’ sessions and certificates cannot be provided.


Can I change my mind after I have accepted a job?

We strongly advise that you don’t. An accepted offer should be honoured in all but the most serious and unexpected circumstances. Reneging following a contract acceptance is typically considered a breach of contract and will usually cause a great deal of damage to your relationship with a school or principal. It is also likely to make it difficult for your Explore CRS consultant to effectively support any future applications for positions. Any questions or concerns you might have about the offer really need to be handled before you accept. We suggest making sure that your partner or family are accessible over the job fair weekend in order to discuss any offers you might receive. Explore CRS consultants and school representatives will help as much as possible to address any questions you have before you accept.


What should I do if I am waiting to hear from a school after the job fair?

Email your consultant as soon as you have a concern. There is often a good reason for a delayed response. Sometimes it is because the job fair has been held very close to school holidays (for example the Shanghai job fair is occasionally held just before Chinese New Year). We also find that principals typically reserve time for recruitment tasks over the weekend, so sometimes delays can follow the fair. If you don’t know who your consultant is then you can message and we will get back to you.