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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower

fair FAQs:

you asked, we answered

What are the dates for the 2018/2019
Recruitment Fairs?

Shanghai: 7th – 9th December 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

Dubai: 18th – 19th January 2019 (Friday to Saturday)

What do I need to bring to the Fairs?

Copies of your CV. We suggest 5-10 copies.


How should I dress for the Fair?

Business dress. You will be meeting and interviewing with prospective employers.


What time do I need to arrive at the Fair?


Arrival time differs across the three days:

Day 1: We open sign-in at 09:00. This allows you time to relax and sign-up for the PD workshops with the first session beginning at 10:00. Those who are not attending PD workshops can still sign-in from 09:00 to 19:30.

Day 2: Sign in will open at 7:30am. All candidates who wish to attend the Ballroom session for a chance to interview with attending schools must arrive before 9am and sign in.

Day 3: This day is for interviews and follow up discussions with schools. Candidates should arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled appointments.


Arrival time differs across the two days:

Day 1: Sign-in will open from 7.30am. A briefing for candidates will be held at 8am and 8.15am. Later briefings will be held for candidates arriving later. School presentations and scheduled interviews will start from 8.30am

Day 2: In time for scheduled interviews


When will I meet schools?


The open fair session is where you’ll meet all recruiting schools at our Fairs. Attending schools will have booths arranged alphabetically around the room. You’ll have a few minutes to introduce yourself and schedule private interviews. The session lasts for 2 hours, so we suggest candidates review and select schools they want to visit before going into the Ballroom. We will post school vacancies in the Candidate Lounge early on the morning of Day 2.


You can meet schools during the school presentation sessions starting from 8.30am on Day 1 and of course during scheduled interviews.

Teachers looking for an international education job

How do I schedule interviews?


Schools may choose to contact pre-registered candidates to schedule an interview either before or on Day 1 of the Fair. However, if you are not contacted by a school before the Fair this does not mean the school is not interested in speaking with you. Interviews will also be scheduled during the Ballroom session on Day 2. We suggest you introduce and speak with all schools you are interested in at the Fair and confirm pre-scheduled appointments during the open fair session.


Schools will contact pre-registered candidates before Day 1 of the fair. However, school presentations held between 8:30 and 1pm will provide the opportunity to meet with schools of interest and discuss the possibility of interview.


Will I need to obtain a visa to attend the Fairs?

Shanghai Fair: If you are coming from outside of Mainland China you will need to apply for a Tourist Visa (L-Visa). Depending on the country of origin you will need to research the best way to apply for a Tourist Visa to China as it will vary from country to country. Explore CRS will provide an invitation letter if this is a required document for your country.

For more information on obtaining a travel visa to China please visit:

Dubai Fair: Please visit the UAE Embassy website below to learn more about visa requirements for travelers. essential_information/visa_passport_information/uae_visas.aspx


Will schools make job offers at the Fair?

Yes! Schools will be able to make offers on Day 3 in Shanghai (Day 2 in Dubai). Some schools will wait to make offers after the Fair once they’ve had a chance to review all the candidates they’ve interviewed.


How long do I have to respond to a school’s offer?

This will vary by school but all schools will give a minimum of 24 hours for candidates to respond.


If I have not secured a position from the Fair what are my options?

Upon your approval, your profile will continue to be accessible to all Explore CRS client schools including those who did not attend the Shanghai or Dubai Fairs. Schools will be able to contact you directly about any new vacancies that come up. Additionally, we will continue to post new jobs throughout the academic year.


Shanghai, China

Dubai, UAE

Shanghai, China skyline
Dubai, UAE mosque

Where are the Fairs located?

Shanghai: Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
500 Weihai Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200041

Dubai: Radisson Blu Hotel
Media City Dubai United Arab Emirates

Can my family come to the Fairs?

Candidates are very welcome to bring family for the weekend. However, there will be no nursery or child care services provided. During the day’s scheduled events (workshops, the open fair sessions, interviews) it is not feasible for family members to accompany attendees.


Do I have to make a hotel reservation at the Fair venue?

Not if travelling daily is a practical option for you. However, Explore CRS has secured discounted rates for a set number of rooms. We encourage candidates to take advantage of this lower rate and book early. There is also a range of alternative and inexpensive hotel accommodation options close to both Fair locations. When reserving a room at either the Shanghai or Dubai Fair hotels, you must book via the link Explore CRS provides in order to take advantage of the event discount. We will also provide a list of nearby alternative accommodations.


Will there be lunch provided at the Fair?

There will beverage based refreshments but lunch will not be provided. Both hotels have restaurants and cafes or there are alternative food outlets nearby.


How do I sign up for PD Workshops at the Shanghai Fair?

Prior to the Recruitment Fair we will send out a PD Workshop list to all registered candidates. You can e-mail your Explore CRS consultant with the list of workshops you’d like to attend.


Will I receive a certificate for attending the PD workshops?

Yes. Explore CRS will provide all candidates who attend Day 1 workshops with certificates of attendance as this is a dedicated day for professional development. If candidates need to apply to their school for a day’s absence for attending the professional development sessions, Explore CRS can issue formal invitations and confirmation as required. Any sessions offered on Day 2 or Day 3 are provided as ‘add on’ sessions and certificates cannot be provided.