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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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what is it really like to work with Explore CRS?

Music / TOK Teacher at an explore CRS client school

Music / TOK Teacher

Robert Boer

“They were really effective in the whole process of finding a job that suits me.“

Why did you decide to come to China?

My whole life I have had a fascination with China. I worked in Thailand for 15 years, had an amazing time there, but still I felt Chinese culture was very interesting. I had travelled a few times and been to Beijing and Shanghai, so I knew what I was getting into which always helps.

What were the first 24 hours in China like for you?

I flew into Shanghai, where I was picked up by a staff member from Dipont. They brought me to the train station by taxi and then it was a train to Ningbo. Quite a long trip altogether! I felt really exhausted but excited because I was looking forward to starting this job. I have to say that the people from Dipont were very nice, the airport collection was perfect. I didn’t have to wait for them, it all went very smoothly. The next day they picked me up to show me apartments, which was a little stressful but I did have help with that.

You came to Dipont through Explore CRS, how was your experience with Explore CRS?

I worked with Duy and for some time Oliver. Duy interviewed me and I have contacted both of them a lot and feel the response is always very quick. They were very friendly and very helpful in all of our discussions. They were really effective in the whole process of finding a job that suits me. I felt they were very understanding and acknowledge what it is to be a teacher and what it is like to relocate. I have nothing but good things to say. I am a member of other companies also, so I can make a comparison. My other experiences have not always been pleasant but with Explore CRS I had one main contact person and felt this worked very well.

Job interviews at explore CRS’s recruitment fair in Shanghai

What was the timeframe from when you decided you wanted to take a job to being at the initial teacher conference?

Actually, the job that I have now I got because Dipont looked through the Explore CRS database and found my profile on there. I hadn’t seen the job before and the first thing they did was search through the database and get in contact with me. I had the job two days later!

How have you found the conference you’re attending now, so far?

We came across by bus from Ningbo which allowed me to get to know some colleagues and speak with the Principal. It's a really nice hotel here, they have chosen well and it shows the company has very high standards. I think all of the teachers here have gone through a lot. I think every time you pick up a new job in another country and you leave everything behind then come across with just a few suitcases, it’s quite a big thing. It’s exciting but of course some of the experiences will drain your energy and it takes some time to adjust. I am lucky I have a lot of energy. The interaction between teachers and making new friends has been great here also. I already have plenty of new connections and a few new wechat contacts.

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Economics / Business Studies Teacher at an explore CRS client school

Economics / Business Studies Teacher

Harish Chibber

“The package was also very good and it is always interesting to explore new horizons as a teacher. “

What brought you to China?

It was an opportunity to explore for me. The package was also very good and it is always interesting to explore new horizons as a teacher.

How have you found the package against the living costs?

The foremost thing after meeting Vanessa, her team and John Birchall at the job Fair is that I was convinced that I am joining the right group. That was the standout aspect for me, because whenever you’re travelling overseas into a new country and to a new nation, you have to have faith in the people who are hiring you. After talking to and meeting them, I was convinced that I was making the right decision.

You attended the Dubai Fair, can you describe what the experience was like?

From the first day everything was clearly explained, you knew what you were doing and the whole team was there if you had questions. I was interviewed by two schools, the first was a school in Bahrain and the other was from Saudi Arabia. I had the interviews but also took the opportunity to shop around and showcase my CV to other prospective employers. This is where I met John Birchall of Dipont. I gave him my CV and he arranged an interview for me for the next day. We were very clearly told that the education for our daughter cannot be covered, but that, “this is the package, this is what the role is going to be and here is where you will be placed if selected.” They were very transparent. So I made the choice that my wife and my daughter would stay in Dubai but that I will go ahead and take up the job in China.

Job interviews at explore CRS’s recruitment fair in Shanghai

As somebody who secured a position, would you have any advice or tips for people who are going to the Fair also looking to do so?

The professional development workshops are the big catch of the show. Every candidate who is actively seeking a job should not just see it as a job Fair. There are lots of really useful PD workshops and this was the unexpected part for me. I was very open-minded, thinking that even if I didn’t get a job, I had taken so much from the PD workshops it was worth it, they were really fantastic.

How was the post Fair follow up with your consultant?

Explore CRS has been very professional, they always keep you updated. Even now I get emails about prospective jobs and they keep you informed if you have questions.

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English Teacher at an explore CRS client school

English Teacher

Francis Tetlow

“This gave me an opportunity to show to Principals what I am like, beyond just my CV“

Which Recruitment Fair did you attend?

Shanghai 2016

Could you talk me through your experience of the Shanghai Fair?

Surprising! I didn’t really know what to expect. I went because my boss sent me the link and said, “Hey, you should apply here since you’re looking for a job.” It was all very smooth, easy and surprisingly friendly. I found it very interesting, mostly seeing what kind of schools were out recruiting. Lots of them needed someone much more qualified and experienced than me but it was interesting to see just what there is for future reference as well. All in all good.

Which were your favourite parts or most useful takeaways from the Fair?

The PD workshops were the most useful because I come from a training school background, with only two years of experience teaching in a High School setting. This gave me an opportunity to show to Principals what I am like, beyond just my CV. It gave me more of an idea about the schools who gave the PD workshops also. I got an understanding of their character, management and how they run.

Job interviews at explore CRS’s recruitment fair in Shanghai

You were successful in finding a job at the Fair. Any particular tips for people looking to get a firm job offer by attending?

To be yourself. If you like teaching it reflects in your actions. My best feedback was that I actually got involved in the workshops rather than just sitting quietly, so that might be something to consider. Otherwise, I would just offer all the usual interview tips. It’s very fast paced, like all the normal stress of interviews in one go and then it’s done.

What was the follow up after the Fair from your Explore CRS consultant?

Angela emailed me, to check if I got any offers and ask if I was thinking of accepting any of them, by which point I had received two offers and was just choosing. The process was nice, simple and quick.

Lastly, you stayed in China to take on this job, what is it about China that you enjoy so much?

It’s fantastically cheap if you don’t live in the big cities. So you get to enjoy a quality of life that I certainly wouldn’t be able to enjoy in England because of how crazy expensive it is there. I find it really difficult to pinpoint what I like about China, but every time I think about leaving something then happens to remind me that actually I love it here and I have a lot more freedom in what I get to teach students here, than what I think I would do back in the UK. And everyone’s very friendly for the most part!

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