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International high school
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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower

Sep 27, 2017

How to improve your international teachers CV

We asked our consultants here at Explore CRS for their top tips and what they look for when they’re reading through your CV’s.

How to improve your international teachers CV. 

It’s no secret that the benefits of teaching in the international education sector are starting to attract more and more teachers to explore career opportunities further afield. Competitive salaries, great benefits packages and a chance for professional development in an exciting new setting, means that this industry is seeing phenomenal growth right now.

It also means a chance to travel the world and experience new cultures and landscapes and enhance your CV with international teaching experience. All this with the ability to become a part of some of the most well respected schools in the world with access to top of the range facilities.


So with all these great reasons to take the leap towards an international career how do you make your CV stand out from the crowd? We asked our consultants here at Explore CRS for their top tips and what they look for when they’re reading through your CV’s.

Keep it simple and relevant

Condense your resume down to the necessary information. We don’t need to see your high school grades. Think about how much personal info you include as well. Our mission is to quickly and efficiently set you off in the right next steps in your career.


It’s amazing the amount of CV’s that come through with grammatical or spelling mistakes. Check it, and check it again and then ask someone else to check it too.

Explain your acronyms

In the international education sector there are so many different institutions and academic bodies that it really makes sense to write out the name in full first and then use the acronym in brackets, certainly if it’s not a well-known or globally used acronym. We want recruiting schools to be able to understand your CV!

Include Curriculum Experience

Recruiting schools will quickly scan CVs to pick out curricula experience. More and more we are seeing requests for IB experienced teachers, for example, and although often first preference will be for prior experience, many schools appreciate the similarities between curricula and just want to understand what you’ve been involved with.

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If you are interested in progressing your international teaching career then we would be delighted to help you take the next steps towards your new role

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