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Apr 29, 2022

Expert tips on writing the perfect CV

When it comes to what to include on a successful CV, no one is better placed to share advice than the Explore CRS consultants!

Your CV…curriculum vitae…resume…résumé (très chic). Whatever you call it, this influential document is a key part of your job-hunting toolkit. But let’s face it, what should be a simple round-up of your employment history, professional strengths and relevant skills can often be a headache to get right.

Explore CRS recruitment consultants receive and process hundreds of CVs every year. They’re experts at spotting candidates that will be a good fit for our school clients. So, who better to share their top tips on writing that perfect CV? 

Keep it concise

This is often the first tip on any article about writing a CV and with good reason! Recruiters and hiring managers don't have time to read through long CVs. Anything longer than 3 pages and it is likely a recruiter simply won't come across your amazing achievements. Be concise.  

“I've seen CVs that are 18, 20 pages long. That's like a novel or something! I want to be able to look at a CV and within a minute think: 'This is a good candidate; this is someone who we want to interview or speak with.'”

Nick Halaiko

Don't scrimp on specifics

When our consultants scan a CV, they want to quickly build a picture of a candidate, their employment history and skills. Be sure to include precise information about your previous roles (including start and end dates) and what teaching experience you have. It is frustrating if a consultant has to try and piece together your work history because you have not been clear on your CV.

“I want to see what age students a candidate has taught, what curricula they have experience in or what subjects they're experts in. Exact details like this make it much easier to match a candidate to specific jobs.”

Rosy Zhao

Tailor each CV

While it may seem time-consuming, it is important that you tailor each CV you submit. Spend time thinking about the role you are applying for. What requirements does your experience fulfill? What achievements do you have that show you'd be a great fit for that role? As well as ensuring your CV is ATS-friendly, tailoring it to a specific role helps you keep the information you include concise and relevant.

"If you're serious about the job, your CV needs to be tailored. Don't just submit the last CV you used simply updated with the last position you held!"

Shane Goulding
Director, Recruitment Operations

Scrap that intro video

Our recruiters regularly receive introductory videos from candidates, outlining their experience and teaching philosophy. However, these are generally not needed for the schools we work with, so don't waste precious time in producing one. Better instead to prep for the potential of either a live or pre-recorded online demo lesson that may occur after your CV has caught the eye of a school hiring manager.

“Your CV is by far and away the most important introductory tool in the job-hunting process. Most of our schools don’t really want to see a video of the teacher ahead of time. If a CV is strong, they’ll request an interview based on that.”

Morgane Hervio 
Senior Consultant

Polish that pic

Whether or not to include a profile photo on your CV is a hotly debated topic in the world of recruitment. In some countries and job markets, a profile picture is essential. In others, it is a subtle way for hiring managers to discriminate against a candidate. With the schools Explore CRS works with a photo is not necessary – it is a candidate’s personal choice on whether to include one or not.

“If you do choose to include a profile picture, make sure it’s top-notch – a small, professional headshot on the front page of your CV. However, for me, a well-organised CV that includes clear dates, simple job descriptions, and impeccable formatting makes a better impression and avoids subconscious bias from the reader.”

Heather Millet
Recruitment Manager

next steps!

If your CV is polished and ready to go, check out our list of great vacancies or create an Explore CRS candidate profile now! 

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