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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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Apr 8, 2018

Why Teach in The Middle East?

We are proud to work with many international schools based in The Middle East. The number of academic institutions opening across the region continues to blossom making it one of the fastest growing parts of the world for international education.

Sunshine is good for the soul!

The weather in The Middle East is undoubtedly one of the warmest and sunniest climates in the world. Yes, in the Summer it does reach some pretty high temperatures, but most buildings and cars are fully air-conditioned and in the cooler months it’s a wonderful time to enjoy the chance to sunbathe on the beaches of Dubai or the hiking trails of Lebanon. 


The Middle East offers an exciting social, cultural and religious environment to immerse yourself in. It's a great opportunity to experience a different world with different people whilst enjoying beautiful local architecture and local culinary delights. However, there is a growing expat community which have brought about the growth of more Westernised restaurants and hotels which makes it easy to connect with more familiar surroundings and people if you need a “taste of home”. 

Generous compensation.

Salaries and accommodation in The Middle East are high and quality of life is good. Many educators who teach in The Middle East can save a large amount of their earnings and if you have school-aged children a lot of the schools also provide education. The Middle East is an area of wealth and investment and this shows in the Schools as well. Most fee-paying schools will provide access to great facilities and resources in well run and attractive campuses.

Global Professional Development.

As an international educator it will be an asset to your CV to show that you have been able to acclimatize and adapt to teaching in The Middle East and had experience working in different locations. This exposure to varied curriculums and school policies especially in a region of such accelerated growth and investment will be an interesting and exciting place to work. 

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