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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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Jun 6, 2019

How to plan for your international teaching career

We firmly believe that all teachers should consider taking their career abroad. But how do you even start planning for an international teaching career? And how do you find international teaching jobs?

Here’s our guide to some of the preparation and thought required before starting your international teaching career.

What are your reasons for moving abroad?

We already wrote about our 13 reasons why you should teach abroad, but you should consider what exactly is pushing you to leave your country. Your potential future employers might ask you these questions as they want to make sure that you are serious moving abroad. They also want to be assured that you will stay at their school for at least a couple of years. International schools offer usually two-year contracts and don’t want to risk employing a teacher who will only stay three to six months.

Check where your expertise is needed

Do some research about where your skills and experience is most needed, as well as how competitive that particular market is for job hunters. Remember, different country, different labour market. International teachers are needed almost everywhere but some destinations might be more popular than others and the requirements might be different. You can search our vacancies database to find international teaching roles.

Do you meet the requirements?

Double check what the policies are for obtaining a work visa in your chosen country. Pay particular attention to the number of years of experience required, what qualifications and certifications you might need, and whether there are any restrictions on applicant nationality.

Research countries or regions you are interested in

Find out about cultural differences, local languages and the cost of living in expat communities. You might also want to look into that country’s education system. Investigate what you can expect from the schools as well as the quality of the local education.

If you are moving with your family, look at what it might be like for them to live abroad. Will it be possible for your partner to find work if necessary? And where will your children go to school? For most international teaching positions, schools will provide tuition for up to two children but if you have more than two, you need to consider the options available for them.

Adapt your CV

If you are going to apply for positions abroad you might need to change some of the features on your CV, depending on the labour market. Things like whether to include a photo, what personal details are crucial and the length of the CV can vary from country to country, so check this. The experienced recruitment consultants at Explore CRS can help give you advice on this where necessary. Or, you can read our blog post about improving your international teacher CV.

Are you ready to live far from friends and family?

Keep in mind that when you move abroad, you will be far from your comfort zone and might miss elements of your current routine or lifestyle. Think about how far you are willing to move from home, and be ready to face some challenges as you gain interesting new experiences.

If possible, reach out to other foreigners living in your chosen country, they can give you precious advice and internal perspectives of life there. In addition, many of the recruitment consultants at Explore CRS are expats themselves and can offer advice about living abroad.

next steps!

If you are interested in starting your international teaching career then we would be delighted to help you take the next steps. Check out our vacancies list today

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