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May 2, 2019

Job search mistakes that should be avoided

The plethora of jobs available in the international education industry can give you the sense that it’s easy to find a new role and that you do not need to consider how you approach your job search.

But at Explore CRS, we believe that well-informed candidates make better decisions about their hunt for a new position. Here is our guide to the job search mistakes that every candidate should avoid:

Don’t forget to think about what you don’t want in a new role

Too many candidates come at job hunting with a narrow angle, seeking only a particular role in a particular country, city or even a particular area of a city. Be clear in what you don’t want as there are many more options out there that you may have not even considered.

Don’t use general terms in online search engines

When searching for jobs online, consider the type of role or specific details that will allow you to hone your search. Phrases like ‘international teaching jobs’ are helpful but will leave you searching through many pages until you finally find something you’re looking for. The Explore CRS job search makes it easy to find interesting roles.

Don’t apply for everything!

This might sound a little surprising, but a significant number of candidates will see a job online and then apply for that and every other job posted on that ad site or agency or school page. Mass applying does not present your candidacy in the best light as it shows you are not really considering the merits and potential challenges of each role.

Don’t give up

The international teaching market can be a test of one’s resolve and patience as the search for a new role can take a lot longer than you might hope. Be persistent in your hunt and know that the process can be long, requiring you to stick with it in the hope of securing your dream role.

Don’t be afraid to ask important questions

If you’ve decided that this will be the last year of your contract, plan how you’d like to find a new role. Think about how long you will give yourself to find a role and what avenues and sources will you use. Ask yourself whether you have time for interviews during the workday and what you will do if you cannot find a new role in a given time. These are all pertinent questions to think about when making your preparations. 

Don’t leave it too late

Each year the recruitment season seems to start earlier and finish later. This can lead to the common misconception that you can start your pursuit of a new post at any point during the year. Our answer: don’t. Each year hundreds of schools publish vacancies early in the hope of attracting top talent at the beginning of the school year. Starting early can give you a longer time to really consider all of the options available to you, thereby ensuring you are not left scrambling for a position in May or June.

Don’t wait for good things to come to you

Take control of your job search - be proactive and choose who you want to help you. Work with a company like Explore CRS who you feel knows what you want and don’t be afraid to guide them in this. 

Don’t underestimate your worth

It is crucial to understand exactly where you stand in this very competitive and complex international teaching market. If you are a top level physics teacher with 10 years’ experience, what is your value? How many schools will need a candidate of your quality and if so, how much are you worth to them? Consider what skills you have to bring along to a school and how your experience/training will increase your value.

Don’t forget to check, check again and recheck

When sending out resumes/CVs to schools and education organisations and recruiters you must ensure that your documents are up to standard. Even a simple typo or mistake can put prospective employers off. Think about how you are presenting yourself and your details. Check out our top advice for writing your CV for more advice on this! 

Don’t limit your methods of finding your next job

Traditional means of employment are great - find a role, send a CV, wait for a message, interview - they are not, however, the only option. Think about the relationships you have, your network, other school contacts etc. The people you know can be a great resource when finding your next position. Just make sure to return the favour whenever possible.

next steps!

Of course, we think one of the biggest job search mistakes is not using Explore CRS as your dedicated recruitment consultants! Avoid this error and check out our vacancies list today.

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