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Nov 26, 2019

How to stand out at the job fairs

Our job fairs attract hundreds of candidates every year, which makes for an exciting and busy weekend. But, with so many educators in attendance, we often get asked by candidates how they can avoid getting lost in the crowd. Here are our suggestions for how to stand out at the job fairs.

Do your research

Use our handy directory (which will be available to you head of the event) to find out in advance which schools will be attending the fair, and prepare accordingly. Spend time looking into a school’s educational philosophy, getting in touch with contacts who might already work there and researching the school’s country. All this will help make sure you’re prepared before meeting the schools at the fair - your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the school will leave a lasting impression on their recruiters. 

Make sure to mingle

The job fairs are a great place to connect and build relationships with both your peers and prospective employers. Make sure you talk to as many people as possible to maximise your time. We have received feedback from candidates who have attended the fair previously that they found real value in meeting other educators. It can help you to better understand your position in the market and keep you abreast of what’s happening in your sector in general. Of course, the chance to talk to schools that you might be interested in interviewing with is also a particular advantage.

Master your sales pitch

These job fairs can be quite time-pressured environments and whilst this can be an invigorating experience it also means you need to communicate your strong points quickly. You will get a couple of minutes to impress and arrange interviews with schools you haven’t previously connected with, so with this in mind, it would make sense to think about what you want to say before you start approaching the schools. Have a quick summary prepared about your experience and what you’re interested in. Confidence in your delivery will also go a long way!

Make a good impression

Making a good impression isn’t just about what you have to say, it’s also about how you look and behave. Make sure you dress to impress: you are attending a job fair and will likely be doing interviews, so dress smartly and professionally. In addition, be punctual and on time: this applies to both the attendance at the job fair and to any interviews you schedule.

Keep your energy up

The events are a fairly intense couple of days, especially for the recruiting schools. They spend the majority of the event interviewing continuously, which whilst very rewarding, is also tiring and demanding. In order to stand out positively, it’s important to remain engaged and interested during the interviews you have. This is your chance to be remembered and leave a lasting impression, so smile and inject some of your personality into the meeting. These recruiters are not only looking at your skills and qualifications, but they are also seeing if you have the right energy for their schools.

Don’t forget your CV

Ensure you have plenty of copies of your CV printed - we advise 10-15 copies. On the day of the fair, have them organised and ready to distribute as you circulate. This is what you get to leave with recruiters long after the meeting is over, so make sure it’s well-presented. If you are well-prepared with everything that you need, then you should be able to relax and enjoy meeting new people and exploring your future options.

next steps!

If you would like us to help you with your job search, create a candidate profile today. An Explore CRS consultant will contact you to discuss your career goals.

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