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Aug 24, 2021

What to expect from our recruitment processes

Are you looking for a new international teaching role and wondering what Explore CRS’ recruitment processes are? Let us guide you through what you can expect when searching for a new job.

The recruitment season for international teaching jobs starts earlier and earlier each year, as people come back to school ready to begin making their next career move.

When you start thinking about your options for a new role, it’s best to get prepared for the international teaching recruitment season ahead of time. The summer break is a great time to do this.

Initial preparation can include discussing your career ideas with your family early and asking yourself some important questions about what you want from your next role.

It should also definitely include updating your CV and registering with a recruitment agency such as Explore CRS.

After you register with Explore CRS as a candidate, you will be assigned your own consultant who will provide you with a personalised job search service. 

What is the recruitment process with Explore CRS?

We work with a range of schools that all follow different recruitment processes. Your Explore CRS consultant will guide you through the steps for any schools they put you into contact with.

The one thing all our schools have in common, however, is they will never offer you a job without at least an interview.

If you’re approached with a job offer (from someone outside of Explore CRS) without having had an interview, you can be fairly certain they’re presenting you with a fake teaching contract.

Explore CRS, like many recruitment companies, uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) in order to receive applications from a variety of sources and manage our pool of candidates.

It is important to remember to have an original but simple CV that will be easily read by the software. Be sure to include keywords that are relevant to the role you are applying to. 

How do interviews work?

Commonly a school will contact you to arrange a first interview, usually hosted on a platform such as WeChat, Zoom or Skype (depending on where you and they are based in the world). They will most likely request a video interview so you need to make sure your webcam is working properly.

Sometimes a school will ask you to provide a video of a demo lesson as a pre-evaluation tool. While it may be daunting, a demo lesson is a great chance for you to showcase your personality and your teaching skills, as well as to stand out from other candidates.

Many of our schools use an online recruitment platform, where you can upload any videos requested as well as a CV, before arranging further conversations or an interview with someone at the school.

These platforms also provide you with more information about the school and materials you might find useful ahead of any formal interviews.

What about offers and acceptances?

Some schools we work with like to conduct second interviews, usually with more senior members of staff present. You may also be asked to give a presentation or demo lesson.

Alternatively, you could be given an offer directly after the first interview. This is most common if the interview took place at a job fair, such as those Explore CRS organises each year.

At this point, you can decide whether you want to accept their offer or ask your Explore CRS consultant to relay any questions you may have to the school. You can also discuss the offer with your consultant, who will be an expert in the field of international teacher recruitment. They can provide guidance on the offer against the background of the international education sector.

Once you’ve decided to accept an offer, the final step before the recruitment process is finalised is to provide referees. These references will need to be contacted by Explore CRS before the position can be secured. 

next steps!

Looking for a new position can be a long and tiring process - registering with Explore CRS matches you with a dedicated consultant who understands the role you are looking for and will provide different options within their network. 

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