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Feb 13, 2020

Early years teachers needed in Uzbekistan!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re handling the recruitment for a brand-new international school in central Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

If you love history, culture, fantastic food, clear blue skies and the great outdoors, living in Uzbekistan would be a real treat. Its capital, Tashkent, has made major strides as an emerging international centre for business and trade in Central Asia. From this affluent and very affordable city, it is possible to hit the ski slopes or visit millennia-old sights within one or two hours.

Invento international school

Invento international school is backed by a major investment company (Akfa Holdings) that is making its first venture into education. 

A dynamic principal has been appointed and now a founding staff of kindergarten to grade 1 is being interviewed for August 2020, so we are taking applications now!

The school will follow global education standards, applying the PYP Early Years framework throughout. They are seeking teachers of early years with at least one or two years’ experience. Knowledge and experience of teaching IB is desirable, although curriculum training will be provided in the first year. 

The positions come with an attractive salary and benefits package, including:

  • Competitive tax-free salary
  • High-quality housing provided near the school campus
  • Health insurance and use of the Akfa Medline network of international-standard hospitals
  • Annual return flights home
  • Hotel stays for family and friends for limited nights
  • Free meals on school site
  • Two-year renewable contract. 

About the campus

Invento’s purpose-built school site is located in the heart of Tashkent, near an attractively landscaped park, in a new residential area. The neighbourhood is connected by metro to other important areas of the city.

Buildings are designed to meet all international requirements and are decorated to give children a pleasant and open learning environment. 

Facilities include a variety of structured playrooms, an onsite swimming pool, a salt room for halotherapy, a large theatre space for performance and expansive inside and outside play space. There are also two large canteens with food prepared onsite.

About Tashkent

Multifaceted Tashkent is the largest of the Central Asian capitals and is home to a diverse mix of expats and locals. A safe and wealthy city, Tashkent has an interesting history, a vibrant arts scene and a wide range of shopping and dining options. Cost of living is reasonable, meaning international teachers can save money while still enjoying the chance to travel.

The city, which is home to 2.4 million people, is an attractive mix of truly modern buildings, older Soviet-style apartment blocks, wide streets and underground walkways. It has seen considerable development in recent years, with new infrastructure, parks, shopping malls and entertainment venues springing up constantly.

Tashkent has the best medical facilities in Uzbekistan, with well-equipped international-standard private hospitals. The city has a number of established international schools, catering to expat children from kindergarten to grade 12.

Winter months in Tashkent are cold and snowy so winter sports and activities in the nearby mountains are popular amongst inhabitants. Fortunately, homes are built to deal with cold weather and generally have excellent heating.

The city comes alive during the pleasant spring and summer months. This is the best time to explore the surrounding nature or to travel to other places in Uzbekistan. 

The world-famous city of Samarkand is only two hours away by high-speed train, while Tashkent makes an accessible base from which to explore further afield into Central Asia.

About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the most prosperous countries in Central Asia. Thanks to its wide mix of ethnic groups, it has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that is deeply intertwined with the Silk Road. Some of the route’s most important cities are located in Uzbekistan.

Over 31 million people reside in Uzbekistan, and the majority of the population are Uzbek with some Russians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Tatars and other groups. Uzbek is the country's official language, but other languages are widely spoken as well such as Russian and Tajik. 

Most of the population live in rural communities and agriculture still plays a significant role in the economy. 

Uzbekistan’s tourism industry is expanding thanks to relaxations in visa requirements. Every year, increasing numbers of international travellers visit the country's intriguing and beautiful sights, such as the massive fortress, Ark of Bukhara, the dungeon museum of Zindan and the exquisitely tiled 15th-century mausoleum, Gur-e-Amir.

Living in Uzbekistan is a wonderful opportunity to get to know this once-isolated country as it goes through a process of opening up and reform. New political leadership is championing improved standards in education, meaning there are growing opportunities for international educators. Uzbekistan’s friendly people, exuberant culture and delicious food make it a fascinating home for its growing expat population. 

next steps!

Interested in applying for the role of early years teacher at Invento? Simply create or update your Explore CRS candidate profile and apply for Teacher of Early Years (job #1652).

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