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International high school
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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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Mar 6, 2018

Our 2018 Recruitment Fairs in Shanghai & Abu Dhabi

Two Fairs. Two Countries. Hundreds of candidates and job opportunities - so how did it go?

Another year, another set of Job Fairs!

With almost 500 candidates and over 50 attending schools we had a fantastic turnout from both sides. We ran our Shanghai and Abu Dhabi events in January this year and welcomed a range of academic institutions and certified educators. Our PD Workshops were received with enthusiasm and enjoyed excellent participation from candidates.

We were well represented across the wider Asia region with attending schools from Shanghai, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Beijing and Hong Kong to name just a few. With a variety of positions on offer, we managed to bring together a collection of diverse professionals for two successful Fairs over the course of both events.

The Fairs were filled with interviews, professional development, client and candidate networking mixers all of which provided everyone the chance to make friendly and professional connections. 

We spoke with both our Schools and our candidates and here’s a few of the things they had to say about this years’ events:

“The Fair was an incredible opportunity to meet professionals in the field and have the chance to develop my skills. Thank you”

Sonia Barghani, Candidate

“Organized, professional and very well run with a large selection of schools.”

Marc Warin, Candidate

“Very organized and friendly. CRS Staff were very thorough and helpful, always willing to offer assistance”

Maria Lau, Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten and International Kindergarten

“It was a great experience. The CRS team was very helpful and well organized. It was a great opportunity to meet different candidates and heads of schools. I have definitely benefited a lot from this Fair.”

Abdul Hafeez Khan, Candidate

“I was very impressed with the level of support offered by the CRS staff and how they were able to help us in contacting candidates and following up afterwards. They were a friendly bunch too, which always makes it easier to work with people”.

Matt Conn, Nanwai King’s College School, Wuxi

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