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Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
Shanghai skyline: Shanghai Tower
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Sep 28, 2016

Our 2017 Recruitment Fairs in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi

What a way to start 2017! Our international education recruitment fairs in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi kicked off this January with great success.

Over 400 candidates and 50 schools 

Our annual events had a fantastic turnout of high quality candidates seeking international teaching jobs and a broad range of respected schools from across Wider Asia.

Each Fair ran over the course of 3 jam-packed days with professional development workshops, interviews, networking, info-sharing and making new friends! Over the course of the fairs we saw around 400 candidates and over 50 respected schools.


With all these education professionals under one roof we decided to uncover some key pointers for both schools and candidates during recruitment season.

As the hosting consultants at these events, we sometimes feel a little like matchmakers, and in this case we wanted to share what we’ve learned when it comes to helping everyone find their perfect fit.

So we asked… “Teachers – what matters most to you?”

A happy living environment

A happy home is a happy heart and the quality of life outside the school is something that can reflect in the classroom, especially if you are planning a move outside of your ‘home’ country. Life as an expatriate can take some getting used to and whilst those in international education are aware of the lifestyle and its rewards and challenges, ensuring stability of the home is a priority.

School Structure

What is my role within the team? The department? It’s good to manage expectations and to understand where and how you’ll fit into your new teaching job.

Quality of facilities and resources

Knowing what kind of teaching aids and budget/support/resource is made available can shape how an educator customizes and delivers their lessons.

What are my professional development opportunities

Understanding your prospects and how to progress in your career in the international teaching market is essential to maintaining motivation and enthusiasm. Will this job help you in building the future you want?

The school reputation

A well respected and established school can be a big attraction. The chance to be part of a school culture that upholds strong and credible standards and teaching methods, that align with yours, can help to ensure the “right fit”.

And what about the schools? What matters most to them?

Does the candidate match with the mission and vision of the school?

Recruiting schools want to see a candidate who can provide real examples that demonstrate their adaptability. Are you happy to learn and collaborate? Be adaptable/flexible and embrace a school curriculum and culture?

Have you stepped outside of your normal job description to offer more to the school?

Did you implement any after school clubs/extra-curricular activities? Did you volunteer to run any events? Schools are looking to recruit international teachers with enthusiasm and commitment to enhancing students’ lives beyond the classroom.

Your character as a teacher

When you are interviewing with a school you are giving them a key insight into how you manage in a slightly stressful environment and with new people and unfamiliar surroundings. It provides a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit into their recruiting school.

Can you as a person cope with the school environment we have?

One of the most commonly repeated requests from international recruiting schools we hear is “make sure they are the right fit”. An extremely talented educator with great experience could seem great on paper but not the right fit due to varying factors. It may be environment based. Relocating from a very established, well-resourced school into a brand new school with less structure and resource could prove challenging.

Experience living overseas

To work within the international education sector means to understand that you will be outside of your familiar surroundings and culture, at times your comfort zone. The right candidate needs to be comfortable with adapting to new environments and legal/religious systems and social values and norms.

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