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Feb 26, 2019

13 reasons why you should teach abroad

Are you a curious and adventurous educator with a love for travel? Do you have a desire to see the world while still maintaining and developing your career? You should consider taking your teaching career abroad.

Leaving your home country and your family and friends is a big step, but one that will pay off for the following amazing reasons:

1. You're in high demand

For many roles, the market is tough and finding a quality job can be difficult. International teaching is different, with thousands of vacancies around the world each year. Explore CRS advertises a range of excellent teaching positions with high-quality schools across Asia. Our vacancies offer excellent benefits, the chance to work with highly motivated and polite students, and chances to progress in your career.

2. Advance your career

Teaching abroad is an investment in your future. For early career teachers it's a chance to take on more responsibility more quickly than you might expect at home, while for mid-career professionals, a break from the routine of teaching at home can reinvigorate you. 

3. It will change your life forever

Even one stint of teaching abroad will have a profound effect on your life and your point of view. It's the kind of experience that stays with you forever, providing a wealth of interesting adventures and stories that you will never forget.

4. Earn a good salary with fewer expenses

While salary shouldn’t always the deciding factor in taking a new position, the reality is that in many international teaching roles teachers can live comfortably and have enough left over to enjoy their free time. The vacancies we advertise often provide accommodation allowance and annual return airfare home, meaning more income goes into your pocket. Within three to five years, depending on your situation, you could have even saved enough for a deposit on a house or towards your childrens’ education.

5. See a country from a local's POV

Teaching and living abroad gives you the opportunity to experience another country and culture in a way that a tourist simply cannot. You gain a deeper understanding of that country, get to know its people and experience their way of living. Plus, when you teach overseas, you’re doing much more than just visiting another country. You become a productive member of that society, helping contribute to its development. 

6. Learn other languages

Almost everyone can pick up a few key words and phrases when surrounded by a new language and for those really serious about learning a foreign language, there's no better way to learn than being fully immersed in it. Plus, learning a new language offers proven benefits for intelligence, memory, and concentration, as well as lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer's! 

7. Stand out from others

Employers of all kinds put a high value on international work experience as it shows that you are independent, courageous and adaptable, all essential qualities that stand you in good stead for the rest of your career. In addition, international experience is always a talking point and helps you stand out from the crowd whether it's in your future career or your personal life. 

8. Explore a new region

Life isn't all about work and teaching abroad gives you the perfect excuse to explore a new region during your vacations. Once you're in a new region, transport to neighboring countries will be much more affordable. Explore CRS client schools are based in a number of amazing locations across Asia, from where you can explore any number of fascinating countries. 

9. Make international connections

Your first step into a teaching position abroad can be the start of a career that takes you all around the world, thanks to the international network of contacts you will develop. But it's not just professional connections - an international network is always useful for future travel adventures!  

10. Reflect on your own culture

Working abroad will force you to ask yourself questions about your own culture and how you see things. Your students and colleagues will ask you questions about your home country that you've never considered before and it will you take a few moments to actually provide an answer. This will lead to new realizations about your own culture and an appreciation for things you never even knew you enjoyed.

11. See your subject with fresh eyes

If you've been teaching your subject for many years, taking your teaching skills abroad can make you feel like you're embarking on a whole new career. Perspectives on your subject might be different and ways of teaching it might vary so you'll see your subject in a totally new context. You will also be likely to have opportunities to teach different curricula such as IB and British or American without always needing previous experience. 

12. Become a better teacher...

Teaching in a new culture will generate new ideas and force you to relate to your students in a whole new way. Different cultures learn and interact in different ways, and you'll need to respond to their learning style, which will both challenge and stimulate you. 

13. ...while becoming a student!

When teaching and living abroad, you won't just be experiencing it from the front of the classroom, you'll become a learner too. The whole country will be your classroom and you'll learn new things everyday, both from your students and your colleagues. 

Next steps

If you are interested in progressing your international teaching career then we would be delighted to help you take the next steps towards your new role. Check out our vacancies list today! 

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